Importance of minimising impact of field activities. Although any trip to the mountains always implicates an environmental impact, its extent can be managed. For this reason we apply the motto of “leave the site you visited better than you found it” to each trip.

AndesContact is keen to contribute to the development of a sustainable and responsible mountain tourism. To avoid the further deterioration of the zones that we constantly visit, all minimum impact and LNT (Leave No Trace) techniques are implemented on each trip.  

On each expedition separate receptacles are used for the storage, transport and deposit of the waste generated. Plastics, PET, glass, aluminium, organic waste, cardboard, white paper, scrap metal and others are carefully separated to later on be recycled. 

A little good will and initiative is all that is needed.  We do not work with disposable batteries and always have solar panels available to recharge rechargeable batteries.

The issue of taking care of the environment with such small, but useful actions depends on the individual but determination is also required to truly take conscience of the impact of our daily activities.  

With just a little education and good will we can employ each trip to support the area and thereby generate a real and positive impact on these sites and people´s behaviour.

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