6×6 Expedition

6 mountains that surpass the magical 6000 metre (19,685 ft) mark, 6 different objectives, 6 new summits, 1 single expedition.

  • San Francisco (6,018 m – 19,744 ft).
  • Tres Cruces Norte (6,030 m-19,783 ft).
  • Barrancas Blancas (6,119 m – 20,075 ft).
  • Vicuñas (6,067 m – 19,904).
  • Ermitaño (6,146 m – 20,164 ft).
  • Peñas Blancas (6,036 m – 19,803 ft).

These mountains are the 6 milestones that constitute this ambitious and challenging project.

Once set up at base camp at the Laguna Verde (4,300 mts), all climbs can be accomplished for the day, leaving from- and returning to the the comfort of the camp for each climb. This allows to good food, the lovely hot springs and a well-deserved rest to be enjoyed throughout the expedition.

Although this is a physically demanding objective in the sheer number of climbs, these are relatively short  climbs that take between 3 and 6 hours each to cover a little more than 1000 metres of elevation difference. For this reason, just a decent level of fitness, focus and determination are paramount to meet these continuous challenges. For every two mountains there is one rest day at base camp.


  1. Arrival from Santiago – Copiapó. Pick-up at the airport, drop-off at hotel*
  2. Drive to Laguna Santa Rosa, (3,750 m – 12,303 ft).  Double shared tents.
  3. Drive towards the Laguna Verde, base camp. Double shared tents.

  4. Climb of the volcano San Francisco (6,018 m – 17,744 ft), L. Verde.

  5. Climb of the volcano Tres Cruces Norte (6,030 m – 19,783 ft), L. Verde.

  6. Rest day in base camp and hot springs.

  7. Climb of the volcano Vicuñas (6,067 m – 19,904 ft), L. Verde.

  8. Climb of the volcano Barrancas Blancas (6,118 m – 20,072 ft), L. Verde.

  9. Rest day in base camp and hot springs.

  10. Climb of the volcano Peñas Blancas (6,030 m – 19,083 ft), L. Verde.

  11. Climb of the volcano Ermitaño (6,180 m – 20,275 ft), L. Verde.

  12. Return to Copiapó – Hotel.
  13. Return to Santiago. Drive to Copiapó airport.
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*Not included in final price.

6 different mountains; 1 single trip!

Next climbing dates:

Climbing program does include:

  • 4×4 transport* in the mountain and Copiapó, 2 guides and logistics. From 5 people, a cook will join the team.
  • First aid kit.
  • VHF radio and satellite phone.
  • Group cooking equipment (stove, gas and equipment), eating tent.
  • Hut (bed, dinner room & bathroom) at Laguna Sta. Rosa for 1 night (depends on bed availability.
  • 4 season tent for 2 people.
  • Portable toilet + tent.
  • Food for the entire trip in the mountains as stated in the program.
  • 1 nights of hotel in double rooms in Copiapó.*
  • Pick-up and drop-off at airport in Copiapó.
  • * : Additional days are excluded, these must be paid apart.

Not included in climbing program:

  • Flights Santiago-Copiapó-Santiago.
  • Pick-up/drop-offs in Santiago.
  • Individual equipment.
  • Hotel, food and transport in Santiago and meals in Copiapó.
  • Life or accident insurance. Should any incidents occur, the customer will immediately be transported to the hospital in Copiapó, the cost of which will be entirely carried by the customer.
  • If additional services are required, ask for options.

Price per person:

  • 2 people: $.- USD  (aprox).
  • 3 people: $.- USD  (aprox)
  • 4 people: $.- USD  (aprox)
  • 5 personas: $.- USD (aprox)

The total amount will be applied to the dollar value of the current day. Ask for private trips.

  • 50% of the total must be paid 45 days before, and the other 50% two weeks before the start of the expedition.
  • During this time (45 days), should one participant have to cancel, 50% of the total paid will be reimbursed. Only if new person should join the group will 100% of the money be reimbursed.
  • 15 days before and no show for the trip (airport, mountain, others) no reimbursements will be made.
  • The prices do not include taxes or fees caused by international deposits, these must be added to the total. This also applies to reimbursements made to foreign accounts.
  • PayPal payments: 5,5% commission is charged to the total amount.
  • It is the responsibility of each customer to have the appropriate personal equipment and clothing. Should this not be the case, the customer is risking his- and the group’s health and well-being, which may result in not being allowed to join the climbs.
  • Andescontact does not make itself responsible for theft or loss of equipment (cameras, mountaineering equipment, etc.,), clothing, bags or suitcases, etc., during the trip in towns or in the mountains, nor on the flights.
  • This is a high-intensity sports activity (non-tourist), so it is the responsibility of each participant to have a health and physical condition compatible with mountain activity. Medical certificates may be required if necessary.
  • In case of returning early during the course of the trip from any of the camps (except for health reasons or force majeure problems), a charge of 250 USD will be applied for transfer to Copiapó and 300 USD to the airport, extra to the total amount.