6×6 Expedition

6 mountains that surpass the magical 6000 metre (19,685 ft) mark, 6 different objectives, 6 new summits, 1 single expedition.

  • San Francisco (6,018 m – 19,744 ft).
  • Tres Cruces Norte (6,030 m-19,783 ft).
  • Barrancas Blancas (6,119 m – 20,075 ft).
  • Vicuñas (6,067 m – 19,904).
  • Ermitaño (6,146 m – 20,164 ft).
  • Peñas Blancas (6,036 m – 19,803 ft).

These mountains are the 6 milestones that constitute this ambitious and challenging project.

Once set up at base camp at the Laguna Verde (4,300 mts), all climbs can be accomplished for the day, leaving from- and returning to the the comfort of the camp for each climb. This allows to good food, the lovely hot springs and a well-deserved rest to be enjoyed throughout the expedition.

Although this is a physically demanding objective in the sheer number of climbs, these are relatively short  climbs that take between 3 and 6 hours each to cover a little more than 1000 metres of elevation difference. For this reason, just a decent level of fitness, focus and determination are paramount to meet these continuous challenges. For every two mountains there is one rest day at base camp.


  1. Arrival from Santiago – Copiapó. Pick-up at the airport, drop-off at hotel*
  2. Drive to Laguna Santa Rosa, (3,750 m – 12,303 ft).  Double shared tents.
  3. Drive towards the Laguna Verde, base camp. Double shared tents.

  4. Mulas Muertas Acclimatization trek (5,000 m – 16,404 ft). Rest and return to base camp.

  5. Climb of the volcano San Francisco (6,018 m – 17,744 ft), L. Verde.

  6. Climb of the volcano Tres Cruces Norte (6,030 m – 19,783 ft), L. Verde.

  7. Rest day in base camp and hot springs.

  8. Climb of the volcano Vicuñas (6,067 m – 19,904 ft), L. Verde.

  9. Climb of the volcano Barrancas Blancas (6,118 m – 20,072 ft), L. Verde.

  10. Rest day in base camp and hot springs.

  11. Climb of the volcano Peñas Blancas (6,030 m – 19,083 ft), L. Verde.

  12. Climb of the volcano Ermitaño (6,180 m – 20,275 ft), L. Verde.

  13. Return to Copiapó – Hotel.
  14. Return to Santiago. Drive to Copiapó airport.
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*Not included in final price.

6 different mountains; 1 single trip!

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